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As the biggest, most populous city in the UK, the first port of call for international visitors and the undisputed epicentre of the British Economy – London is a truly intoxicating city.

While this brings numerous benefits, the flipside is an ever more complex task of ensuring public safety – a job that’s never been more essential in light of the recent terrorist atrocities witnessed in France and Germany.

According to Metropolitan Police chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe – a UK terror attack is “highly likely” and remains a case of “when, not if”. While we all hope he’s wrong, nobody can be certain.

Where terrorists exist, they will always look out for chinks in our armour. If they can’t find any however – they can’t hurt us – so what more can be done to protect people, infrastructure and buildings?

London counter terror security measures

Having designed, manufactured and installed counter terror security solutions for a number of London locations including the Tower of London and 20 Fenchurch Street – we know that simple perimeter security tweaks can dramatically close the net on threats. All too often the focus rests too heavily on rapid response, containment and personnel – not visible, physical deterrents that could help to protect people and buildings of this fantastic City from threats such as vehicle borne attack.

Counter terror security blocks

Counter Terror security blocks are highly effective at preventing attacks on commercial office buildings and shopping complexes. They can stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 40 mph, dead in its tracks.

Blocks can be designed either to enhance the urban environment by providing stylish seating or to act as an obvious visible deterrent. Coupled with PAS 68 rated bollards they deliver formidable perimeter protection.

Free London Counter Terror Security consultation

Here at Townscape, we are keen to do absolutely anything we can to minimise the chances of an attack on British soil which is why we are offering free, no obligation security assessments to individuals and firms tasked with protecting public infrastructure and commercial buildings in the City of London.

It is critical to continually assess current risk levels and explore how to boost external security so we are happy to chat on a free and friendly basis about how this can be done quickly and effectively.

To arrange a London Counter Terror Security consultation, please call 01623 513 355.

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