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Counter Terror Toledo Planter
Counter Terror Toledo Planter

Counter Terror Toledo Planter - VED/0037- VED/0037

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Counter Terror PAS68 Toledo Planter Vehicle Defence Barrier. This product incorporates the Townscape Counter Terror Block.

The Counter Terror Planter system starts with a low profile foundation Counter Terror Block (Sold separately, refer to Product ID VED/0001). To this is added a heavy section hardwood timber and mild steel surround, drainage material and a planting membrane. All timber is supplied from managed forests. FSC certified.  

When incorporated with the Townscape Counter Terror Block, this product is PAS68:2010 approved to the following classifications:

30mph test - single block/planter: V/7500/N2/48/90/6.6/0.0

40mph test - single block/planter: V/7500/N2/64/90/12.3/2.2

30mph test comprising 3 staggered blocks/planters: V/7500/N2/48/60/2.0/0.0


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Brand: Counter Terror PAS68 Toledo Planter 

Category: Vehicle Defence

Sub Category: Below Ground

Material: Timber / Mild Steel

Max Width: 1640mm

Max Depth:  1640mm

Above Ground: 900mm

Below Ground: 90mm



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