Colmore Food Festival


Location: Victoria Square, Birmingham

Background: The Colmore Food Festival is a free, annual event which takes place over two-days at Victoria Square in Birmingham. For the last four years, local hospitality venues and eateries have used the event as an opportunity to showcase their culinary skills. Unfortunately, the number of vehicle attacks are currently on the rise, which means that events like this are particularly under threat. Townscape was asked to deliver a temporary perimeter security solution, which could be deconstructed once the festival was finished.

Project details:

Townscape provided a full security inspection to the surrounding area and identified any potentially vulnerable access points. 15 deployable Counter Terror Sentry blocks were installed in a number of locations on the perimeter of Victoria Square to prevent hostile entry from vehicles, and also to act as a checkpoint for authorised vehicles.

The Counter Terror Sentry blocks weigh 2.2 tonnes and can be fitted on both flat surfaces or stepped level ground.

Result: The Counter Terror Sentry blocks are not built for subtlety. The high visibility yellow and black hazard lines are designed to be as much of a deterrent as it is a barricade.

The blocks were a huge success and organisers of the event were impressed by the ability to have the highly-robust blocks installed at such short notice.

Lucy Elvin, project co-ordinator at Colmore Food festival said:

‘We’re very pleased that Townscape stepped in very late in the day to provide security for the event, and we are more than happy with the results’.


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